Happy Thanksgiving HOH

Happy Thanksgiving

  From our family to yours… have a happy Thanksgiving!

bug collage

Visiting the Creation Museum

Have you ever wondered how there could be so many different species, yet wonder if it really could have all happened over millions and millions of years?  This summer, I was invited to the Creation Museum, in exchange for an honest review.  Needless to say, I was not disappointed how awesome this experience was. The Creation Museum is located […]

How to teach kids to write the alphabet

Today’s guest post is by Anna at The Measured Mom.  I discovered her blog just a few months ago, when she started linking up the the Hearts For Home bloghop, and I immediately fell in love!  She has the type of blog that makes you read every. single. post, because they are that awesome!  Today, […]

Music discovery tables for kids

Kids are drawn to musical instruments. From banging on homemade drums to shaking mirachas, kids love to explore music and musical instruments. Today’s guest post is from Sarah at Little Bins for Little Hands, as she shares her awesome music discovery table. It’s specifically designed for toddler to preK children, but honestly, I think any […]

Counting Volcanoes | The Hands-On Homeschooler

Counting Volcanos: preschool math activities {with printable}

There are so many ways to incorporate learning math with science.  Today’s guest post, written by Carla at Preschool Prowol Packets, is a  fun preschool math activity about exploring volcanoes (and cause/effect) with messy play.   She’s even kind enough to share a printable to supplement the activity, found at the end of the post!   […]

Hearts for Home blog hop #25

Welcome back to the Hearts for Home bloghop! Hi everyone!  Have you been enjoying your week?  Our school year has just started back up, and we’ve been slowing getting back into the swing of things.  How about you?  When does your school year start back?  And it’s been raining here.  A lot.  I thought summer […]

Ideas for Intentional play in baby's first year - playing with mirror

Baby’s First Year of Sensory Play

Sensory play is great way for kids to learn.  However, what about sensory play for babies?  Is it too early to start?  Today’s guest post is from Marie from For This Season.  She is the mom to 3 cutie boys — Bebob, Magoo, and Doodad.  Today she’s sharing some wonderful ideas on how to integrate […]

minibeast playdough fun

Minibeast and bug playdough fun

It’s a fact — kids are fascinated with bugs!  They love learning about them, watching them, and creating them!  Today I have the honor of introducing you to my friend Cerys at Rainy Day Mum, who is sharing about a fun playdough activity with minibeasts and bugs.  Her blog has been one of my all-time […]

encouraging kids to build

Encouraging kids to build

The Collaborative Summer Library Program’s summer reading theme is “Digging into Reading.”  June’s theme for this series was “digging into underground animals”, as I shared our underground habitat craft we created.  This month, we are talking about digging into construction sites. Since I typically think of studying construction sites and digging with preschool-aged children, I wanted […]

bubble icl rectangular

Bubble science and socializing the only child

One of our favorite summer activities is playing with bubbles.  Aikman has always loved playing with them.  Today, I’m sharing our experiments as we did “bubble science” at Inner Child Learning.   As you know, Aikman is an only child.  For many families, raising a socialized only child is a concern.  I recently posted on […]